RTI Announce New Driver for Jandy Pro Series AquaLink RS Pool and Spa Systems


Remote Technologies Inc. (RTI), a leading provider of automation and smart control solutions for residential and commercial environments, have in the past few days announced the availability of a new two-way driver for Jandy Pro Series AquaLink RS Pool and Spa automation systems.

The new driver, developed by RTI themselves, allows homeowners or integrators to quickly and easily incorporate iAquaLink-connected pool equipment into RTI control and automation systems without any additional equipment or serial adapters.

That allows users to control their gardens and pool areas through the same RTI control interfaces they use to control all other devices and features around the home. RTI’s vice president of global sales, Mike Everett, explained more:

‘The Jandy two-way driver makes an exciting addition to our library, allowing our dealers to integrate AquaLink pool automation into the RTI ecosystem and further unify the control experience across the home…For AquaLink owners, complete control over all aspects of their pools and spas is just a touch away on an RTI interface, whether they’re poolside at home or halfway around the world.’

Connected pool and spa equipment which can be brought under the umbrella of an RTI control system thanks to the new driver includes pumps, cleaners, colour lights, heaters, jets and plenty more besides.

With the new driver, therefore, all of those items can now be controlled via Jandy’s iAquaLink app or from RTI’s control interface options, including handheld controllers, in-wall keypads, and the RTiPanel app.

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