RTI Develop New Driver for Yamaha MusicCast

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Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI), a leading manufacturer of control and automation solutions for the home and for commercial environments, have in the past week announced a new two-way driver for the Yamaha MusicCast wireless multi room audio system.

Developed by RTI themselves, the new driver will henceforth allow owners of RTI enabled smart homes to easily integrate the complete line-up of MusicCast-enabled audio components into their home automation control systems. That will, therefore, provide far more convenient control over whole home audio and entertainment.

The driver allows for the control of every MusicCast product introduced since 2015, which represents over 50 separate lines. That raft of now-controllable products includes wireless speakers that can be used as standalone streaming audio systems, AV receivers, a wide range of soundbars, wireless streaming amps, Hi-Fi receivers, and powered network speakers.

By using the new driver, homeowners will now be able to select rooms and sources, and browse their music library and streaming services, all from the RTI interface of their choice. That impressive functionality is made possible by the auto programming capabilities of RTI’s Integration Designer APEX software.

RTI, therefore, are understandable excited about the introduction of the new driver. As was reflected by the comments of their vice president of global sales Mike Everett:

‘Yamaha has long been a favorite [sic] brand for RTI integrators, and with MusicCast, the company has brought high-end media player functionality into a new range of products…We’re proud to offer integrators an RTI-developed driver that allows them to easily incorporate these devices into a unified control system for their customers.’

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