RTi Introduce New Driver for Luxul Intelligent Network PDUs


Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTi), a world leading innovator and manufacturer within the home automation and smart control industry, have recently announced the introduction of a new two way driver Luxul’s PDU-8 and PDU-16 intelligent network power distribution units (PDUs).

The new driver, developed by RTi themselves, allows for the seamless integration of Luxul PDU-8 and PDU-16 PDUs into RTI automation and control systems, providing their customers with convenient outlet control, scheduling, reporting, and customisation capabilities.

In light of the introduction of the new driver, RTi’s CEO, Mike Everett, explained the company’s excitement at the new collaboration with Luxul:

‘Luxul is well-known for network products tailored to A/V integrators’ needs, and its recently introduced intelligent PDUs are another great addition to their lineup…This driver makes it easy to incorporate these devices as an extension of the RTI control system and provides convenient outlet control to power cycle devices on demand or even on a schedule.’

The PDUs which the new RTi driver allows to be easily integrated into smart home automation systems each boast a number of useful features. The rack-mountable PDU-8 features eight controllable outlets and one non-controllable convenience outlet, while the PDU-16 offers eight controllable outlets and eight additional non-controllable outlets.

Both PDUs are fast and easy to set up and allow for the local monitoring and rebooting of unresponsive devices. Their self-healing function performs reboots automatically to avoid costly truck rolls and service calls for integrators, and power management features for the PDUs include MOV surge and spike protection for connected equipment.

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