RTI Launch New XP Control Processor

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Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI), a world leading manufacturer of home automation solutions, have in the past week announced the launch of an addition to their XP Control Processor line of products. Named the XP-8v Advanced Control Processor, the new solution offers increased processing power, expanded memory, and an HDMI output for OSD control interface.

Representing the third generation of RTI’s popular XP-8 advanced control processor, the new XP-8v is slated as combining the advanced control options of its predecessors with a new i.MX53 processor for increased processing power and expanded two-way driver support. Its RAM memory and internal non-volatile Flash memory have also been upgraded to 1GB and 512MB, respectively, in order to further enhance processing capabilities.

Designed for large scale and complex projects, the new advanced control processor features a number of different control interface options. Those include two-way RS 232, routable IR, Ethernet, and relay control, and for increased integration capabilities the processor also has eight multi-purpose I/O ports support optional modules for voltage sensing and RS-232 control.

In terms of software, the XP-8v is programmed with RTI’s new Integration Designer APEX 10.2 programming platform. That combines time-saving automation with the complete freedom to design custom control-experiences.

Speaking about the launch of the XP-8v, RTI’s vice president of global sales Mike Everett explained the main benefit of the new processor:

‘Today’s smart homes and offices feature a wide range of electronic systems — AV, climate controls, lighting, blinds, security devices, and so much more…The XP-8v has the power to bring these separate systems into one unified platform and gives users complete control from the interface of their choice.’

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