When you choose Couture Digital, you choose an expert focussed on the living experience rather than just the technology. You choose a custom designed system for ultimate satisfaction, performance and value. You choose innovative designers and meticulous engineers guided by critical project managers.
The Couture Digital service is superior at every stage; please select from the following to see why.

Design – Tailored and Interior Concious

The requirements of each Couture Digital client are as unique as the architectural needs of their home. That is why each Couture Digital system is truly bespoke. Only with a clear vision of how the technology should benefit their lives, an intimate understanding of the building, and expertise of cutting edge technology, can performance and functionality be harmoniously converged with luxurious interiors.

Couture Digital is distinguished by our lifestyle focus. Whether technology is a feature in the design of your space, or an invisible function, our reputation has been built on seamlessly integrating technology and architecture. From cables and speakers hidden in walls or in ceilings, to motorised mechanisms concealing TV screens in cabinets or behind artwork; function never comes at the expense of form.

Supply – Exclusive Brands

To ensure the ease-of-use, reliability, and quality our clients expect, Couture Digital uses many specialist brands available exclusively to trained and certified professionals. Complemented by a comprehensive catalogue of high street brands, never has anyone asked for a piece of equipment we couldn’t get our hands on, or functionality we couldn’t create.

Exclusive products from around the world, does not mean inflated costs though. Operating on a consultancy basis, Couture Digital is free from holding huge amounts of stock and being tied to any specific brands. This uncommon impartiality ensures our clients the most appropriate system for their unique home.

Installation – Precision Craftsmanship from Experience

Craftsmanship is paramount at Couture Digital; all our installation engineers have at least eight years industry experience. Only with this amount of ‘hands-dirty’ familiarity can we deliver the finishing we promise. This competency in new build, renovation and retrofit environments is also vital for streamlining the on-site efficiency with other professions involved in a project.

So confident in our capabilities, we do a lot of work up front before payment. Contact us today to arrange a complimentary site survey.

Wondering how simple the Couture Digital experience is? Take a glimpse here.