Savant Acquire Artison to Expand Whole Home Audio & Home Cinema Offerings

Savant Acquires Artison for Whole-House Audio and Home Theater

Leading home automation specialists, Savant, have this week announced their acquisition of the high performance whole home audio and home cinema solution manufacturer Artison. The move is aimed at enabling Savant to drastically expand the breadth of such home cinema and audio solutions they can offer to their customers and incorporate into their control systems.

Artison offer a range of loudspeakers with customisable grilles including soundbars, subwoofers and surround-sound systems for home cinema setups. Thanks to the newly announced acquisition, Savant will now be able to provide these products and will also have control of the number of patents in advanced speaker technologies which the company also hold.

Savant’s ownership of Artison, too, will also allow the home automation specialists to offer integrators audio over IP solutions via Artison products (and patents). As such, Savant CEO Robert Madonna was understandably excited about the announcement:

‘With Savant and Artison working cohesively together, we will unveil exciting new products engineered specifically for the luxury home and commercial markets…As the demand for premium home entertainment solutions continues to climb, we will now have the capacity to offer best-in-class audio solutions as part of the Savant connected home experience.’

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