Savant Announce Support for Google Assistant

Savant, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of smart home and automation solutions, have in the past few days announced that their smart home systems can now support voice control through the Google Assistant.

What that means for Savant smart home owners is that they will now be able to activate a Savant Scene, choose a favourite channel, or select a source within their entertainment system using nothing but their voice and a Google Assistant-enabled device.

Voice control of Savant automation systems is not an entirely new idea, with such systems having supported Amazon Alexa for a little while now. The new support for Google Assistant, however, has been long-anticipated and reflects the great strides Google have been making more broadly in the world of voice control.

The nature of the newly announced support is such that Savant smart home owners can now control anything within their Savant system setup with any Google Assistant enabled device. They can, for example, adjust their home’s lighting by issuing a voice command to a Google Home speaker or adjust their thermostat by speaking into their smartphone.

Speaking about the newly announced support for Google Assistant, Savant’s CEO Robert Madonna explained his company’s motivations behind the collaboration:

‘Our objective is to deliver the best smart home experience along with leading edge innovations that bring added value for our network of integrators and their clients…Working with Google and bringing their voice technology to Savant homes accomplishes both without question.’

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