Savant Launch New IP-Enabled Architectural Speakers & Soundbar


Savant, a world leading manufacturer of smart home and whole home audio solutions, have announced the launch of a new line of architectural loudspeaker and soundbar solutions for whole-house entertainment

Named the Savant IP Soundbar and the Savant Micro Aperture loudspeakers, the new solutions represent an entirely new way of delivering entertainment content throughout the home, according to the company’s announcement.

The new speakers are something of a departure from Savant’s usual product lines, and are in fact the first example of Savant and Artison jointly leveraging engineering since Savant took over the loudspeaker company last year.

The new self-powered, Power over Ethernet (PoE) Micro Aperture architectural speakers are to be offered by Savant in three variations. Those variations comprise a self-powered PoE speaker, a companion PoE satellite speaker and a passive (4-ohm) speaker for traditional audio systems.

Integrators and homeowners, however, actually have an eight speaker capacity, as each of the three variations can run up to three PoE satellite speakers. Each unit, too, is individually controlled and connected to the network, meaning that the user can easily switch room configurations.

Launched in conjunction with the Micro Aperture architectural speakers, the Savant IP Soundbar features 6-channels and 200 watts of amplification controlled by sophisticated DSP all built into an extruded aluminium chassis.

Wide dispersion and superior clarity, with bass down to 75 Hz are then all provided thanks to high-performance woofers and tweeters alongside Artison’s renowned Stage Tweeter.

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