Savant Reintroduce New and Improved TrueImage Interface

Savant TrueImage Interface Reintroduced, Simplified

Savant first introduced their TrueImage lighting control interface back in 2009, when it represented a unique step forward in home automation. Rather than offering users a template screen with buttons or icons, the interface allowed them to control their lighting devices and shades by touching them on a real photograph of their room or home.

Whilst TrueImage was revolutionary and forward thinking, however, it wasn’t without its problems. In order to work properly, the interface required a whole raft of different photographs to be taken of any room and if a homeowner were to redecorate, all of those images became basically useless.

That’s why, in time for CEDIA 2017, Savant reintroduced a new and simplified version of TrueImage some eight years after its initial launch. Available for iOS and Android mobile devices, as well as Savant touchscreens and the Savant Pro Remote, the new TrueImage utilises a user’s own mobile device to quickly and simply take photos of a room or light fixture.

After those images have been captured, all user interfaces within the system, including the Savant app, automatically update. Then, with the simulated reality software, users are able to see, touch, control and dim the light using the photographic image, updating the colour and dimness setting of the light on the interface screen in real time.

That gives users the same ability to control their lights and associated devices by pressing their actual image on a touchscreen but solves the practical problems of the original interface. What’s more, only does the light in the room turn on/off or dim, it also illuminates on the control device simultaneously, confirming each commanded action including colour change.

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