Savant Unveils Skill for Amazon Alexa

Savant, a global market leader in smart home automation technology, yesterday announced the release of a Savant smart home skill for Amazon Alexa. Giving Savant users the chance to enable the full power of the Savant control experience via Alexa voice commands, the new skill is slated as encompassing everything from single device control to Savant Scenes.

Savant were one of the first home automation giants to explore the possibility of voice control, through their Savant Pro Remote, which enabled homeowners to activate a Savant Scene, choose a favourite channel or select a source within their entertainment system. Linking up with the increasingly popular Amazon Alexa voice control technology, however, represents a significant further step toward the voice command and enhanced smart home interaction.

According to the company, setup of the new Savant smart home Amazon Alexa skill is designed to be impressively intuitive. Users can create a Savant Scene, enable the Savant Skill in the Alexa app, and simply link their account. That will then lead to Alexa discovering it as a new Amazon Smart Home Skill that can be easily accessed via voice command.

The Savant Amazon Alexa interface is based upon cloud-to-cloud communication between the two services and, according to Savant CEO Robert Madonna, represents a significant improvement in the company’s smart home offering to customers:

‘Our objective is to deliver the best smart home user experience along with leading edge innovations that bring added value for our network of integrators…Adding further voice control options with our Alexa skill accomplishes both without question.’

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