Sonos Confirm IFTTT Support

Sonos speaker product range IFTTT logo

Sonos, a world leading manufacturer and innovator in the field of wireless speakers and audio solutions, have recently announced If This Then That (IFTTT) integration for their smart speakers and other devices.

The announcement is one of a string of major innovations and commercial decisions from Sonos this past calendar year, and is designed to pave the way for owners of IoT products to enjoy more communication between them.

The idea behind IFTTT is that those owners of IoT products can program their connected devices to react a certain way when something specific happens. With the new Sonos IFTTT integration, then, they would be able to set a Sonos speaker to play their favourite track or radio station once their Ring-enabled door unlocks to signal the fact that they’ve arrived home.

Thanks to the new integration confirmed by Sonos, users will soon be able to manage playback control, pause/resume/next/previous, and volume controls including up, down, mute and unmute on Sonos products.

What’s more, IFTTT can additionally be used for beginning a pre-defined Sonos song, ‘favourite,’ album and playlist for extra playback options in the home. Whatever particular configurations and IFTTT events homeowners desire can be programmed online or via the accompanying app and relevant commands will be sent to Sonos devices.

The release of IFTTT support is currently just a beta version, but Sonos were quick to point out its potential:

‘IFTTT has integrated hundreds of different smart home products, websites and content providers and with today’s beta launch, you can trigger your favourite songs and sounds on Sonos from millions of different IFTTT events.’

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