Sonos Delay Google Assistant Support Until Next Year

Sonos, world leading manufacturers and innovators in the field of wireless speakers and audio solutions, have announced this week that their upcoming Google Assistant support will not actually materialise until 2019.

Originally announced all the way back in October 2017, Google Assistant support for Sonos One speakers was due to be ready and rolled out at some point this year.

That support was to follow the company’s existing support of the Amazon Alexa voice assistant and would have introduced a range of new options to users. Those would of course have included giving Sonos One owners the chance to play and control their music with their voice via Google Assistant enabled devices.

In a blog post which went live yesterday (November 1st), however, Sonos explained that the support will not now be ready until 2019:

‘While we originally planned to have the experience ready to ship in 2018, the reality is that we need a bit more time to get the experience right and will now look to lock down a date in 2019.’

In order to ‘lock down’ that date, the company are now inviting people to take part in a private beta test of the Google Assistant support. In order to be considered, tester must commit to at least 14 hours of listening per week, use 10 voice commands daily, and respond to surveys within 72 hours, according to the Sonos blog.

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