Sonos Hint at Future Plans for Outdoor Devices

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Amongst a busy period for Sonos, the world leading wireless speaker and whole home audio solution manufacturer have still found time to drop a hint at a potential change of direction in the near future.

Up to now, the company’s major focus has always been on introducing top quality sound to the home and improving its user’s multi room audio experience. It seems, however, that the company’s future endeavours may include taking their popular devices outside of the four walls of their customers’ homes.

In an interview with the renowned industry publication Wired, Sonos’ chief product officer, Nick Millington, gave a pretty definitive clue that that would be the direction the company are looking to take:

‘One of the key transitions that we talk about is from home to everywhere…The home isn’t the only place where you listen to music. There are many places where you listen to music. So I would say, without giving the blow-by-blow of everything in our road map, that’s one of the key themes that we’re thinking about.’

Exactly how Sonos will look to take their devices to the great outdoors is still a matter for debate. Some audio industry pundits have speculated that it may be something as simple as a battery powered speaker, whilst others have postulated that the company may look to crack the car audio or headphone market.

Whatever Sonos’ chosen direction ultimately is, they will certainly have to abandon their long-established reliance on wi-fi if they are to be successful.

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