Sonos Reinstate Audible Support

Relax with a good book using Audible on Sonos.

Sonos, arguably the world’s foremost manufacturer of wireless speakers and related whole home audio solutions, have in the past few days announced that they have reinstated Audible Support for their raft of speakers and audio devices.

Sonos broke the news of their reintroduction of Audible support via a blog post on their website, but the announcement was widely expected after an over enthusiastic employee had jumped the gun with their own blog post announcing the reinstated support.

There was originally support for Audible offered by Sonos, but that support was pulled back in 2016 when an update left the audiobook client incompatible with some of Sonos’ leading speakers, including the Sonos One and the Sonos Play 5.

Following that withdrawal of Audible support two years ago it was far from certain whether Sonos would ever reinstate it but it always seemed likely given the continued support the audio specialists offered for Amazon Alexa and Amazon Music – both also owned by Audible’s parent company of Amazon.

Now that Audible support has been reinstated, therefore, Sonos users are understandable excited and Sonos themselves made a point of exemplifying the opportunities which the reinstated support allows:

‘With Audible on your home sound system, you can easily make books an everyday source of enjoyment for yourself and the whole family. Become a master multitasker and listen to audiobooks while you cook, do laundry, take a bath or work out.’

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