Sonos Reportedly Working on a New Home Cinema Speaker

Sonos PlayBase

Sonos, arguably the world’s leading manufacturer of speakers and audio solutions, seem like they may be preparing to launch a new home cinema speaker called the S14. That is at least according to regulatory filings with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the company’s US home, which were made public in the past week.

Much of the information included within the regulatory filings has been redacted but a few intriguing nuggets of information did remain. Those included the fact that the new speaker will feature an HDMI port and that it will have wireless capability. The inclusion of an HDMI port is particularly interesting as Sonos’ only prior home cinema speaker, the Playbar sound bar, does not include such a port.

The ‘S14’ is indeed a home cinema speaker, too, as whilst it was originally labelled in the findings as a ‘smart speaker’ it was later renamed as a ‘home theatre [sic] speaker.’ It is also described in the documents as ‘A high-performance all-in-one home theatre [sic] smart speaker and part of Sonos’ home sound system’.

Neither the physical size nor shape of the new speaker is revealed within the filings, but there are hints that the ‘S14’ will be larger than the current Playbar. That has fuelled speculation that it may be either an update to Sonos’ Playbase or a completely new speaker.

Sonos themselves, however, have remained tight-lipped by supplying Variety – the entertainment business news source which originally uncovered the filings – with the following comment:

‘We are constantly looking at new ways to deliver the best possible experiences for our customers. We do not have any additional details to share.’

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