Sonos Roll Out Refreshed Second Generation Sonos One Speakers


Sonos, world leading manufacturers of wireless speakers and related audio solutions, announced last week the introduction of a new generation of their flagship Sonos One speaker.

Named the Sonos One Gen 2, the new version of the speaker has been tweaked by the company rather than fully reworked. From an aesthetic point of view and as far as audio features do, the Sonos One Gen 2 is exactly the same as its predecessor.

The differences are all internal. The new generation of the wireless speaker has a more powerful processor and boasts enhanced memory. That should mean that the speaker will perform slightly better, especially with big files on slow networks.

Sonos have also introduce Bluetooth Low Energy to the second generation of the Sonos One. They don’t plan to use it for the streaming of music, but it should make the pairing process with your Wi-Fi network much easier.

The expanded memory and processing power may become more important further down the road. They may well help prolong the device’s long-term support and guarantee more features and updates.

In the meantime, Sonos have already begun selling the Sonos One Gen 2 in the USA and it’s expected to soon roll out elsewhere. It is being sold at the same price point as the original Sonos One but those first generation devices are expected to be discounted as and when the new versions become available.

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