Sonos Roll Out Trueplay Support to all of their Speakers

Wireless speaker and multi room audio specialists Sonos have this week released a new firmware update which has extended the company’s Trueplay support to all of their speaker and home cinema product lines.

Trueplay was introduced by Sonos for the first time last year and assists customers with setting up a stereo or home cinema system by calibrating the speakers involved in the system and adjusting them to best suit the room in question. That original iteration of Trueplay, however, only adjusted equalisation and did so using spectral correction which was not suitable for the company’s Playbar and other home cinema focussed products.

The new version of Trueplay, on the other hand, is utilising spatial correction and this ensures that sound waves from various speakers all hit the ideal listening location at the same time. That, therefore, makes that new version ideal for setups where multiple speakers work in unison and as a result the Playbar 3.0, Playbar 3.1 and all other Sonos home cinema products are now supported.

As with the original version of Trueplay, Sonos users can access the service via the company’s app on their iOS controlled device and walk around the room to measure frequency response in different areas. Additionally for home cinema setups, however, the user must then sit in their favoured position and take a measurement from there too, in order to create an acoustic ‘sweet spot’.

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