Sonos Speakers Now Support Alexa Announcements

Sonos, world leading manufacturers of wireless speakers and other whole home audio solutions, have in the past few days announced an update which allows a selection of their lines to now support Amazon Alexa’s Announcement service.

The Sonos One and Sonos Beam speakers in the US, UK and Canada are receiving the update after Amazon’s original rollout of the feature to their own devices in early April in the three countries. The update essentially allows compatible devices, now including the Sonos One and Sonos Beam, to act as the playback device in a one-way intercom system.

What the feature allows is for users to ask Alexa to ‘broadcast’, ‘tell everyone’ or ‘announce’ a particular message, such as the fact that dinner is ready. The Alexa Announcement compatible devices within the home will then play a chime to notify anybody in earshot that an announcement is being made.

In order to add an extra personal touch to the service, the actual announcement will then be broadcast in the voice of the person who made it, rather than Alexa’s less than dulcet tones. That also has the added benefit of letting people know who it is that is making the announcement.

The update delivering Alexa Announcement support to Sonos devices rolls out this week but may take a little while to arrive in every home. Once it does, users will also be able to switch on a ‘do not disturb’ feature for certain devices if they wish to exclude them from whole home announcements.

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