Sonos Speakers Now Work with Wink Smart Home Hub

A couple of months ago wireless speaker and whole home audio specialists, Sonos, announced that they were opening up their ecosystem for new collaboration. Shortly after that announcement, link-ups with the likes of Tidal, Pandora and Google’s Alexa all started to be announced. In the past week, too, a further smart home partnership has been introduced by Sonos, with Wink.

A somewhat struggling smart home solution manufacturer, Wink were recently taken over by DJ, producer and entrepreneur and their new collaboration with Sonos comes thanks to their Wink 2 smart home hub. Through that hub, Wink users are now able to add basically any Sonos speaker to their smart home setup and control it through their Wink smart home app.

That means that Sonos speakers and devices can now be added to a smart home ecosystem in exactly the same way as a new light bulb or thermostat. What’s more, Sonos speakers can now also be tied into other smart home pre-sets already programmed in to a Wink 2 hub driven system. Tracks or playlists can, therefore, be programmed to play automatically when you step through your front door or be triggered by other events around the home.

Wink aren’t the first smart home manufacturer to enjoy such a connection with Sonos, Samsung’s SmartThings system has boasted similar capabilities for a number of years, but this announcement does suggest that Wink are still looking to improve their smart home offerings for users.

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