Sonos Update Their Desktop App

Sonos, a world leading manufacturer of wireless speakers and other whole home audio solutions, have in the past few days announced an update to their desktop controller app. Long-anticipated, the new version 9.2 update has brought the look and feel of the app in line with that of the company’s mobile software.

As well as moving the desktop controller app closer to the look and functionality of Sonos’ iOS and Android apps, the update has also introduced a handful of new features. Those include giving users the ability to set maximum volume limits for certain Sonos devices and the rooms in which those devices are located.

What that means is that Sonos multi room audio system owners will be able to tailor their system so as to prevent certain noise thresholds being mistakenly exceeded or music from being played in areas of the home where it is not wanted.

The update will also introduce support for the upcoming Sonos Amp that the company announced in late August, whilst removing some features which the company state are no longer necessary.

These include the ability to setup or transfer a Sonos system; add a player; create or separate stereo pairs; register players; setup a TV; enable parental controls; manage network settings; adjust line-in settings; opt in or out of beta programs; or change Sonos account passwords. All of these actions will have to be completed via mobile.

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