Steinway Lyngdorf

Couture Digital are authorised UK Dealers for Steinway Lyngdorf stereo and surround sound systems. The almighty Model D music system is without doubt one of the finest and most accurate sounds systems in the world. Prices start at £100,000. The Architectural theatre systems are scalable to suit any size of high-end cinema and carry on the all-digital technology from the rest of the range. The Model S is the latest edition to the collection, with its small form factor, it enables peak performance in more compact residencies.

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Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and founded by Peter Lyngdorf in December 2005, Steinway Lyngdorf represents Mr. Lyngdorf’s consuming passion to create the finest products in the audio industry, without any compromises and without precedence. The company is focused on the design and manufacture of innovative high performance digital audio systems that successfully combines design artistry, finest craftsmanship with perfected technology. The partnership between Peter Lyngdorf and Steinway & Sons resulted in the formation of the privately-held SL Audio A/S and the introduction of its signature product – the Model D Music System. The Model D Music System is the standard bearer – delivering craftsmanship, enduring quality and value, as well as unmatched musical experience to its audience.