System Tidy & Upgrade – Day 3

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This next part in the series is where we put the control system in place.

Due to over-specification by the original installers the property already had the older RTI RP6 processors in the rooms but we needed an extra processor in the rack to we added a new XP6. This gave us 2 dedicated RS232 ports (one for the Kramer audio matrix switch and one for the Denon POA1230CI Multi Channel Amplifier) We also used one of the 6 multi purpose i/o ports as a one-way serial connection to the Wyrestorm HDBT Matrix Switch. The remaining multi purpose i/o’s were used for IR control of Sky HD boxes.

DSCF0848.resized 150x150 System Tidy & Upgrade   Day 3

Just some of the old mess that we pulled out of the rack

DSCF0854.resized 150x150 System Tidy & Upgrade   Day 3

The old Xantech Multi Channel Amplifier

DSCF0853.resized e1342504747205 150x150 System Tidy & Upgrade   Day 3

The new RTI Equipment

DSCF0850.resized 150x150 System Tidy & Upgrade   Day 3

The new RTI XP6 processor ready to be installed

The original system had been made up of a single remote, processor and RF aerial on each room (a small standalone system for each area) Our system needed to be connected together so that the remote control in a bedroom could trigger system commands in the rack to switch the audio or video or change the zone volume as well as control the local equipmet such as the TV or Blu-ray player which were connected to the local processor. In some cases we also needed the remote to directly send IR to the screen (bypassing the processor/s) This meant finding some cables which we could use to run our control signal back from the rooms to the rack. Fortunately there was enough infrastructure in the building to allow for this as well as audio return feeds from blu-ray players in the rooms to be sent back to the audio switch.

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