Screen Excellence provide a complete range of high-quality acoustically transparent screens for residential and commercial cinemas. All screens are hand made to order and are rigorously tested for quality control before leaving the production factory.

Projector screens are an important part of not only the video system but also the audio system in a high-performance cinema. Acoustically transparent screens allow the speakers to be placed behind the screen, at the optimum height and as originally intended when the soundtrack was mixed. Sound disperses through the projector screen material without any distortion meaning Image and sound are thus in perfect coherence.


The preferred audiophile screen surface.

“Premium projection surfaces elevate the viewer’s experience leading them into the realm of complete submersion.”

The Screen Excellence projection surfaces are available in custom and standard sizes and offer many different features like fixed frames, frameless screens, flat screens, curved screens, and retractable screens.

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A Screen Excellence projection surface guarantees a perfect whiteness and the very best resolution ever attained by an acoustically transparent screen. The colours are vibrant and free from any moiré effect.

The Enlightor, a high end screen, is highly regarded as the preferred audiophile screen surface and is the most advanced acoustically transparent projection surface on the market.

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