Founded in 1996, Wisdom Audio provides high-performance entertainment systems with a focus on technology and design.

Their wide range of loudspeaker solutions incorporates advanced thin-film magnetic technologies.  The market leader in the development of PMD technology, Wisdom Audio, manufactures the most advanced planar magnetic drivers in the world.


High-performance entertainment systems with a focus on technology & design.

Many of the Wisdom Audio products are customisable and made to order to specific requirements. All the Wisdom Audio products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the U.S.

Popular with discerning clients around the world as well as audiophiles, the Wisdom Audio systems provide a truly unforgettable experience with a near perfect music and film sound reproduction.

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Planar magnetic speakers ensure a great balance between detail, dynamics and low distortion. They provide impressive audio separation and definition.

In addition, planar magnetic speakers are extremely robust, they can handle a lot of power without undue stress or audible strain. They are also relatively small in size whilst delivering an outstanding dynamic range.

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