Located at 8 Dover Street, one of the most prestigious streets in London, this is the world’s first Aston Martin concept store.

The store design was conceived by Marek Reichman, the man behind the Aston Martin DB10 concept car used in the James Bond film, Spectre. The vision was brought to life with the help of Atelier Maia, a design-oriented practice with which we had previously had the pleasure of working on a different project.


The first Aston Martin concept store in the world.

At the press of a button, the intelligent lighting system progressively illuminates more and more of the nautilus floor pattern that is the showroom’s focal point until the whole motif is lit up. This impressive effect more than justifies the technical effort that went into creating it.

In addition, a constellation of twinkling lights highlights the unique products presented in the store.

High-performance audio-visual capabilities play an essential role because the store is also a destination for design classes, exclusive events and art exhibitions. Sound coverage is even throughout the store.

The focal point of the store is the bespoke mosaic floor, created with more than 500 pieces of oak, hand-cut and assembled on site by a master craftsman. Starting from the centre of the room, where a brass plaque displays the Aston Martin wings, the mosaics are laid out to the edge of the room following the golden ratio and a nautilus shell design.

Couture Digital was commissioned to design and program a bespoke lighting sequence to showcase the mosaic floor – an aim achieved using strategically placed and individually controlled DALI lights.

The equipment is designed to blend seamlessly into the interior: speakers are hidden in the bespoke joinery. Acoustic panel fabrics further enhance sound.

All control is via a Crestron system with a custom-designed, intuitive menu that employees can use without training.

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