This substantial residence is located in one of North-West London’s finest streets. Our clients have created a sophisticated, contemporary space including an outstanding relaxation and entertainment area with an indoor pool, wet room, wine cellar and private cinema.

The cosy six-seat cinema room is used frequently by the whole family. The room’s design meets the highest standards, perfectly complementing the other interiors and creating a welcoming transition between the pool and the entertainment area. Distinctive colours such as light blue and various shades of grey create a serene yet lively atmosphere.

Templewood avenue

Custom cinema seating for a private home theatre.

An articulated headrest provides proper neck support and ensures the optimum viewing angle. Dual motors enable users to adjust the backrest and footrest separately for maximum comfort. Ergonomic aspects were thoroughly tested during both design and manufacturing processes.

For even greater relaxation, the custom cinema seats offer built-in massage and heating functions. Features such as inlay trays, cupholders, custom swivel bases for iPads, and USB chargers have been incorporated to further enhance convenience and comfort.

Couture Digital was commissioned to provide custom cinema seats enabling the family to enjoy their favourite movies in ultimate comfort.

The chairs’ design combines premium leather upholstery, hand stitching, a steel frame with ergonomic contours, and an independently controlled reclining mechanism that performs smoothly, reliably and with precision.

The result is a luxurious seating experience, well suited to its environment and to the purpose of the space.

Most satisfying of all for Couture Digital, the clients tell us that the project has exceeded their expectations.

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