Couture Digital was commissioned to design the audio for a unique warehouse conversion in Angel, London. This is the first gallery space opened by Peter Doig, one of the most celebrated living figurative painters who is also renowned for his love of music and entertaining.

The brief was to create a system that blends into the gallery space so as not to distract from the art on display. The solution needed to be easy to use so that no training would be required to operate it, and its footprint had to be small and discreet. However, it also needed to be able to output sound at a high volume and with high fidelity in order to function as an entertainment system for events and private parties.


An impressive audio system that blends into the gallery space.

Dual subwoofers from Sunfire’s signature XTEQ range were selected for their tight musical bass playback. Each subwoofer features two 10-inch, long-throw, high back electromotive force drivers and a passive radiator. These are driven by a generous 3,000-watt internal Tracking Downconverter amplifier, producing enormously loud, yet accurate, output.

Room calibration enhanced by digital Auto-EQ tunes the sound perfectly for the space. These powerful subwoofers were also specified in part due to their astonishing compactness – they are smaller than a 13” cube, which makes them easy to hide within the gallery.

The resultant configuration provides the clean aesthetic that is essential for this client, as well as top audio quality and user-friendly operation.

The sonic performance had to equal that of a pair of floor-standing audiophile loudspeakers belonging to the client – a challenging benchmark for in-ceiling speakers.

For the loudspeakers, we recommended the Control Performance range from Monitor Audio, which offers excellent audio quality and versatility and a superior level of sound isolation between rooms and floors. In addition, the speakers have a paintable surface, enabling them to almost disappear into the installed environment.

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