Intelligent Lighting

An intelligent lighting system provides complete control over the lighting within your property.

A long-standing feature of high-end residential properties and commercial buildings, intelligent lighting systems are increasingly popular because newer technologies offer even greater adaptability, convenience and energy savings than their predecessors.

Complete control over the lighting within your property.


We can fully automate control of the lighting in chosen areas of your home: adjustments are made based on information from sensors about ambient light levels and occupancy, together with the time of day.

For larger properties, Couture Digital can create a digital floorplan on a touchscreen device so that you can see at a glance which lights are on or off anywhere in the house and easily adjust the settings.


Within the home environment, an intelligent lighting system easily creates the perfect atmosphere: the press of a single button sets all the lights within a room to the ideal brightness.

Control the lighting from elegant keypads or touchscreens, with your voice, or from an app. “Scene lighting” – a customised set of lighting options to suit the needs and activities of a specific area of the home – is particularly popular in entertaining spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, games rooms and cinemas.

Added Security

When you are at home, automated lighting provides added safety by illuminating any area of property or grounds where unexpected movement occurs. The lighting control system can be integrated with fire alarms or intruder alarms so that specific lights, or all lights, are turned on by a given trigger.

The system also increases security when you are away from home. An empty property is a target for intruders, and smart lighting is one of the most convincing methods for simulating occupancy. Our lighting control systems can learn your habits and replay them in your absence. In a fully automated home, this simulation can be even more realistic because lighting can be combined with motorised shading and automated control of home entertainment systems.

Energy Saving

Smart lighting can reduce energy consumption by up to 60% compared with conventional lighting systems. Once occupants can see which lights are on anywhere in the house and make adjustments remotely, it becomes very easy to conserve energy.

If you would like to take energy saving a step further, our smart lighting systems can use programming logic to control the lights based on your own parameters. Intelligent lighting can be automated for the whole day or just part of the day depending on the room, whether it is occupied, the time of day, the amount of ambient light and more. This approach is particularly suitable for larger homes and workplaces.

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