Smart Home Security

When properties are vacant, they are at their most vulnerable. Smart home security systems can deter and detect intruders and prevent unauthorised entry, whether you are in or out.

A powerful combination of techniques

The latest alarm, CCTV and access control systems can be utilised on their own, but they are much more powerful when combined with home automation to create a holistic security system.

Deter and detect intruders and prevent unauthorised entry.

Convenient Access

As well as helping to secure the home from intruders, we can also enable convenient keyless access for family and visitors via biometric entry control utilising fingerprint or retina scanning technology.

Even the largest properties with multiple entrances can be effortlessly managed using scalable IP access control systems that enable both onsite and remote monitoring and management.

Smart systems can automate curtains and blinds, lights, gates and other elements to give a convincing impression that the home is currently occupied.

We can also offer advanced perimeter detection to provide early warning of intruders: a popular option for country homes standing in substantial grounds. This type of system is usually integrated into the broader security system for a quick response and added safety.

Our surveillance systems utilise military-grade cameras that are tamper-proof; they provide high-definition images even at the lowest light levels, plus automatic facial recognition and number plate recognition technology. The images captured are stored on digitally and physically secured servers for as long as required, and made available to clients for playback on their devices of choice, anywhere in the world.

A smart home security system from Couture Digital gives you peace of mind, because you know that your home is secured with the latest methods and with technology that is customised for high-value properties.

Why work with Couture Digital?

Couture Digital has been successfully designing smart homes since 2005, and is therefore ideally placed to advise on and implement the latest technology and best practices to create customised experiences for our clients.

Couture Digital has created a comprehensive range of security systems for some of the most high-value residential properties in the world.

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