Artcoustic are one of the most stylish and customisable loudspeakers on the market. Minimalistic but impactful, their loudspeakers not only look great, but also sound impressive. They deliver exceptional efficiency, dynamics and high-quality sound creating an immersive audio experience.

“A loudspeaker, which looks as good as it sounds, without compromising one to the other. “


One of the most stylish & customisable loudspeakers on the market.

Artcoustic products allow complete design freedom, making them a top choice for interior designers and clients. The loudspeakers can be installed with a plain coloured screen cover that matches the interior or can be designed to stand out by choosing an art image to be digitally printed. With a gallery of thousands of options as well as being able to customise with a customer’s own image, the possibilities are infinite.

“An interior designer dream – refined aesthetics and innovative design”

Each loudspeaker is designed in Denmark and is manufactured by hand to the highest standards. To ensure outstanding quality, each speaker is visually and technically tested before leaving the factory.

No manufacturing line, no robots. Just a team of dedicated craftsmen putting the speakers together with care, attention, passion and pride.”

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