Founded in 1961, KEF is a highly respected British manufacturer of loudspeakers. Their philosophy is to create products with superior acoustic quality that could reproduce recordings as natural as the original performance.

Over the years, KEF built an enviable reputation for some ground-breaking loudspeaker designs, continuing to invest in the development of new technology.


Ground-breaking loudspeaker designs.

High-performance sound reproduction requires the drivers of a multi-way loudspeaker to generate very similar individual sound fields, especially at the crossover frequencies where the acoustic output switches from one driver to another. KEF’s innovative Single Apparent Source technology allows this ideal to be achieved over the entire frequency range.

KEF’s Single Apparent Source technology perfectly complements the characteristics of the Uni-Q driver array to deliver unrivalled coherence throughout the frequency range. This is another great example of unique technology by KEF designed in the pursuit of achieving outstanding sound reproduction.

One of the most remarkable innovations is Uni-Q® point source driver array, with its outstanding acoustic clarity and off-axis dispersion.

With Uni-Q®, sounds appear so natural that it seems as if the musicians or actors are there in front of you. Whether you are in the centre of the room or off to one side, recordings sound remarkably real and utterly convincing.

BLADE is the result of KEF’s best and brightest engineers being given free hand to create the ultimate loudspeaker without design or cost limitations.

Initially developed as a one-off speaker concept, a research project to push the boundaries in speaker design and performance, Blade was so impressive that two years after their reveal they were commissioned to be manufactured.

BLADE loudspeakers create a spectacularly warm and expansive sound that draws you in to the music. Totally natural and effortlessly accurate, they are as emotionally inspiring as a live performance.

The cabinet form was inspired by Brancusi’s Modernist masterpiece Bird in Space and was created in collaboration with Eric Chan of Ecco Design in New York. Tapering gracefully from top to bottom and from front to rear, the slim proportions made possible by the orientation of the bass drivers give the BLADE a sculptural presence.

With a statement design and an impressive amount of technological sophistication, this is one of the best and most iconic speakers on the market.

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