Bang & Olufsen offer the chance to own something truly unique. Nowadays, technology must either blend seamlessly into an interior, or act as design features in themselves. Leading the charge in the latter category is Bang & Olufsen, with its ever-growing collection of speakers and electronics that double as modern-day sculptures.

The Danish company is internationally renowned for its incredible focus on quality while creating some of the most revolutionary and distinctive products in the industry.

Bang & Olufsen

Electronics that are considered modern-day sculptures.

The speaker has a 360-degree design, striking from every angle. Each of these high-end speakers are made to order, with various elements available to be customised to the client’s preferences.

More than looks, the Beolab 90 delivers a superb sound experience. The speaker has the intelligent ability to adapt to your living space and preferred listening modes to create unforgettable everyday excellence.

Beolab 90

Widely regarded as one of the most striking and visually pleasing freestanding speakers on the market.

The bold design is based on an intricate aluminium cabinet weighing more than 65 kg to create its rock-solid structure. In contrast, its curved wooden base gives the speaker an almost floating appearance while fabric stretches like sails on aluminium beams, delicately hovering above the hardware.

Beolab 50

A luxury, high-end speaker that provides extraordinary performance. The organic shape and natural materials evoke quality and elegance, making the speaker ideal for high-end residential properties and design focused clients.
The footprint is considerably smaller, while the geometric shape is clean and modern without being disruptive in an interior.

Beolab 50 shares several technology features with the Beolab 90, being an outstanding speaker for every listening scenarios.

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