Barco Residential specialises in state-of-the-art projectors that enable the very best cinematographic experience for clients in the privacy and comfort of their homes.

Their high-performance projectors are designed and manufactured in Belgium and Norway to the highest standards.

Barco Residential are the manufacturers of the world’s first and only integrated laser 6P 4K 3D projection solution for home cinema. The 6P laser projection consistently delivers the highest levels of contrast, the widest colour range and superior image uniformity and sharpness.


State-of-the-art projectors that enable the very best cinematographic experience.

The Barco Loki Cinemascope offers Ultra HD enhancements coupled with a high-capacity 2.37:1 aspect DLP engine. This allows a film with 2.40:1 aspect ratio to be shown without requiring an anamorphic lens. The projector also incorporates the single step image processing and low latency scaling technologies.

Exceptional image quality also requires an outstanding light source. Therefore, Loki Cinemascope has been designed with a dual laser engine. Alongside significantly improved image uniformity, laser projectors also last longer than traditional projector lamps and offer nearly instant on/off.

In addition, Loki Cinemascope uses instead of a pure fan-based cooling system a liquid cooling PID regulation system, which allows Loki to operate in any installed angle.

In addition, Barco Residential are the only manufacturers in the world that offers true CinemaScope projectors for the residential market. The CinemaScope technology has a unique automatic aspect ratio detection function.

Other remarkable technologies used in their projectors are DLP technology and Sealed optical architecture. DLP technology is essential for reproducing the best possible image quality while the Sealed optical architecture ensures that dust cannot reach the DLP chip, which ensures many years of undiminished brightness and contrast levels.

Probably the best home cinema projector in the world, Thor is the world’s first and only integrated 6P 4k 3D projection solution for home cinemas. It provides an image so outstanding that not only matches but most of the times exceeds the quality of local cinemas.

The image is perfectly uniform, sharp and immersive, with rich colours and deep blacks. To guarantee the ultimate quality, Thor projector is hand-built, while the process is overseen by specifically trained professionals.

If you are looking for the finest projection system available, and cost is not a limitation, then Thor should be a clear consideration.

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