Lutron is the leader in smart lighting and shading systems which play an important role in the design of both residential and commercial properties. From enhancing architectural features and interior design choices, to providing the user the opportunity to achieve custom control of the space, smart lighting and shading are amongst the most popular technologies to incorporate into a well-designed property.

Lutron systems integrate with smart home systems like Crestron which enables us to program specific scenes according to the time of the day, the intended atmosphere, and the use of space. In this way the lighting adapts to the needs of the user, whether at home or at work.


The leader in smart lighting and shading systems.

Lutron systems provide numerous ways to complement your needs and are highly customisable.

In addition to the convenience of controlling your lights and shades, smart lighting also can save energy consumption by up to 60% compared to conventional lighting systems.

While in the work environment, it has been proven that smart lighting can create a more productive environment.

“As your needs change throughout the day, your lighting should adapt as well.”

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Imagine pressing “Evening” on your touchscreen and watching the lights slowly dim to a warm glow in the seating area as you settle in to relax in front of a film, whilst the shades slowly drop to shut out the outside world.

Or perhaps pressing “Holiday” and as you embark on your new adventure every single light in the house is instantly switched off. And while you are away, for security purposes, a convincing series of lights turn on every night to simulate occupancy.

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