The high-end Italian manufacturer, SIM2, designs and manufactures high-performance projectors for residential and commercial applications.

SIM2 aims to identify and utilise state-of-the art technologies to create innovative and stylish display solutions that enhance user’s living and working standards.


Electronics that are considered modern-day sculptures.

SIM2 projectors are a great balance of style and performance, offering a unique user experience. Their portfolio includes exceptional products that cover all clients’ requests.

The Grand Cinema Lumis 3D-S is a beautiful compact 3-chip DLP projector that delivers outstanding cinematic experiences. For the form factor and up to certain sizes of spaces it is considered the best projectors for a true “Hollywood” experience; ideal for high-end home cinema installations.

Most of SIM2 projectors use DLP display technology that guarantees clarity down to the most minute detail, delivering pictures with vivid colours, great contrast and exceptional brightness.

DLP is also the preferred technology of Hollywood’s Studios. Furthermore, DLP provides razor-sharp images and excellent reproduction of fast motion video with an unbelievable long-term and constant-overtime quality.

The projector is designed with three user modes –  PureMovie, PureAction and PureAction 3D – and it adjusts to various demands of movies, sport or 3D viewing. It has been designed to be used with screens up to 5m wide.

The Grand Cinema Lumis 3D-S features SIM2’s advanced Live Colours Calibration 2 software that enables ultimate control of the primary, secondary and white point colour coordinates of the projector.

In addition, SIM’s 3D active systems are the first consumer projectors to use triple flash technology alongside shutter 3D delivery system. The technology was developed for and is used in commercial 3D cinemas. It minimises image flickering and enhances a smoother motion and a fatigue-free experience.

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