Established over 30 years ago, Sonance provides audio solutions with minimal visual intrusion. Widely regarded as the inventors of the world’s first architectural speaker, Sonance delivers the perfect balance of performance and design.

Sonance Invisible Series speakers are often the first choice for interior designers and architects that prefer a clean finish, without any visible signs of a speaker. Sonance delivers this perfectly. The space is filled with breath-taking, immersive music that seemingly comes from nowhere.


The world's first architectural speaker.

The partnership also resulted in the design of the first Sonos outdoor speaker under the “Sonos Architectural by Sonance” mark.

You might not see them, but the Sonance speakers are installed in luxury residences, art galleries museums, restaurants, and premium boutiques around the world.

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The Sonance Invisible speakers are finished over with the same material as the wall or ceiling surface, therefore becoming part of it.

In addition, Sonance has partnered with Sonos, to design and deliver the first architectural speakers that can be used with Sonos Amp.  When paired with the Amp, each Sonance speaker will be able to utilise Sonos’ TruePlayTuning software to analyse a room’s acoustics and then adjust their woofers and tweeters for optimal sound.

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