Velvet or Leather ?

Colour and material options play an important role in the design of the cinema room. From walls to floors and furniture items, the finishing touches will have an impact on the overall performance and experience of your private cinema.

While any colour or material can be specified for the cinema seating, some choices are more popular than others.


Highly versatile & Luxurious

With a short dense pile and a distinctively smooth feel, velvet is one of our favourites materials to use. Highly versatile, luxurious and available in many colours and patterns it works perfectly for both an art deco home cinema and a contemporary cinema room.

A plush fabric like velvet can help to absorb unwanted standing sound waves and will also reflect less light than other materials. This means it is less likely to reflect light back onto the projection screen or walls. Velvet is also a very durable fabric and stain-guarding and fire barriers for fabrics can also be used for added protection.

Velvet is a classic choice that, and if incorporated correctly, can add elegance, comfort and higher performance to a cinema room.


The most durable material for cinema seating

Leather is probably the most durable material available for home cinema seating. Like velvet, it is highly adaptable and can be used to create either a modern look or a traditional one. In addition, leather is less susceptible to stains in comparison to fabric. A natural material, like leather, is a classic and sophisticated choice. Although more reflective than velvet, careful colour selection and positioning can minimise the impact.

Leather is usually the first material option when clients are considering cinema seating and indeed it guarantees a very comfortable experience.

Other materials worth considering are Faux Suede, Faux Leather, Mohair, and Chenille.

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