As part of an extensive basement conversion also providing a gym and wine cellar, our client had decided to create a dedicated cinema room. This cinema was to be the centrepiece of the space, and the client wanted it to be fun and inviting for the whole family, while also providing exceptional performance.

Couture Digital has therefore designed the cinema to adhere to Dolby, THX and Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) standards.

etchingham park road

A high specification private cinema.

For video, we have utilised the first laser technology projector available for the consumer market: it boasts incredible black levels, high contrast, uniformity and superior colour performance. It also powers on immediately, unlike traditional lamp-based projectors, which take time to warm up.

As this is a purpose-built room, a baffle wall recess has been specified to mount the front three (left, centre, and right) speakers. Wall-mounted subwoofers are at the perfect height to match the original intentions when the soundtrack was mixed. The main speakers are elegantly covered by an acoustically transparent projector screen; this features the highest quality weave screen material to avoid distorting the projected soundwaves.

The room dimensions, seating configuration and light levels helped us determine the further specification of the system. We have created a Dolby Atmos seven-channel surround sound system with two additional height channels.

Two high-powered Artcoustic subwoofers round out the configuration for a powerful and immersive system producing the necessary sound pressure levels for compliance with industry standards.

The hand-crafted screen presents no moiré effect, making it ideal for use with 4k projectors. It has a sleek 15mm Infinite Black velveted high-grade aluminium frame. The instant-on projector and thin-framed screen together create the experience of an amazing 3m-wide flatscreen TV display combined with all the features of a private cinema.

Wanting a modern space rather than an overbearingly dark traditional cinema room, the client has chosen a lighter palette for the interior; to enhance the effect, we have installed a motorised blackout curtain track that controls ambient light.

Mood lighting “scenes” (combinations of settings) are provided via a Crestron intelligent lighting system. The Artcoustic subwoofers feature custom-printed grills that blend into the décor, with no compromise on performance.

The result is a modern, light-filled space that does not feel like a basement. At the touch of a button, the Crestron control system transforms the room into a high-specification private cinema.

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