Couture Digital’s brief was to convert a coach house adjacent to the client’s main residence into an entertainment area that would provide fun for the family and their friends, as well as enabling them to enjoy movies played at the highest fidelity.

We created two modes, both available at the press of a button. An “entertain” mode is ideal for parties, listening to music, and casual TV watching, while a “film” mode provides an immersive at home cinema experience. Each mode recalls pre-set “scenes” (combinations of settings) for lighting, motorised shading, and home entertainment.


Enabling the client to enjoy movies in the highest fidelity.

A full HD 1080P projector provides crystal clear images and creates an exclusive atmosphere. 360-degree surround sound provided from the tri-directional speakers delivers a fully immersive experience for the user. Recessed Artcoustic speakers have custom screens in front to match the rest of the interior.

Operation of the whole system, from the AV to lighting and shading, is extremely intuitive thanks to a Crestron touchscreen tablet with custom user interface.

This configuration makes it extremely easy for users to enjoy the convenience and drama of the projector screen descending, the curtains closing themselves, the lights softly dimming and the projector illuminating – all of which happens simultaneously at a single button press.

In a matter of seconds, the space is converted into a substantial cinema with a 104” screen and a 7.1 surround sound.

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