Located in one of the most picturesque streets in Ware, England, with views of a lovely village church, this contemporary country house has all the facilities needed for the most comfortable lifestyle, including a high-end private cinema room designed by Couture Digital’s specialist team.

High Meadow

A 3m cinema screen, hidden behind the motorised curtains.

Miller & Kreisel THX-certified speakers have been chosen for their high fidelity; this type of speaker is used by studio professionals to mix sound for Academy award-winning features. Three tweeters ensure super-accurate dialogue reproduction.

An integrated touchscreen remote control provides easy management of the whole system, including the digital movie server. From the comfort of the sofa, the clients can browse their vast library of movies, make their selection, dim the lights and enjoy the film.

The private cinema room is a great success and is in frequent use by the clients and their family and friends.

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The atmosphere of the 12m x 8m private cinema is relaxed, comfortable and inviting, with plush modular seating and natural colours. A 3m cinema screen is hidden behind motorised curtains and can be revealed at the touch of a button to dramatic effect.

For this installation, we have specified an acoustically transparent projector screen. This choice enables perfect positioning of the front channel speakers directly behind the screen, as practised in all commercial cinemas and recommended by industry standards.

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