When the owner of this impressive townhouse overlooking Clissold Park decided to carry out a complete renovation, Couture Digital was appointed to design and install a whole-home audio-visual system, including a “disappearing” media room system.

The client has a passion for art, design and music, and has built up a collection of artworks and other interesting objects during many years of travel. He now wanted to showcase his collection throughout his home. An audio-visual system was central to the concept, and the client wanted the equipment to be a striking visual feature in its own right, rather than something hidden away.

stoke newington church street

A perfect merge between technology and interior design

The result is exactly what the client was looking for: a 10-zone multi-room audio system, with playback from any source available quickly and straightforwardly in any room via a single smartphone app.

Much consideration has gone into ensuring that the technology complements our client’s lifestyle and contributes to the visual aesthetics of his home. Sonance in-ceiling speakers have been used across most of the property, disappearing into the interior as required.

On the other hand, KEF R300 speakers, with their stylish black-gloss finish, make a strong visual statement in the living room, dining room and main listening areas, as well as providing pure sound with superb clarity. One pair of these speakers is even showcased in cabinets among other pieces of art. A unique piece of furniture stores vinyl records plus turntable.

Our specialist team worked closely with the client to understand his expectations. Key requirements included high-fidelity sound, easily accessed, with playback throughout the property of online sources as well as the client’s collection, including vinyl. System components had to be centralised as far as possible; necessary in-room equipment such as loudspeakers needed to blend seamlessly into the interior.

In the multi-use living room, a discreet front-projection cinema system appears and disappears effortlessly thanks to integration and programming of custom Crestron systems. A single button press lowers the motorised projector lift and screen from the ceiling, and readies the electronics to provide an immersive cinematic experience.

With another button press, the room can be instantly transformed back to its original state. As well as displaying moving images, the projector screen acts as a partition between the living room and the office space – another example of the way the system enhances the home environment.

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