Couture Digital collaborated with Igloo Vision to provide Microsoft with a custom-created immersive shared virtual reality (VR) experience for its office in Paddington, London. This experience showcases the benefits of Microsoft’s technology in a highly engaging way while also reflecting its brand values.


Immersive shared virtual reality (VR) experience.

As a result of our work, the entire experience can be activated with a single touch of a button on a control tablet, whenever users enter the cylinder where the experience takes place.

Microsoft’s office needed to function normally during the day, which meant that all installation work had to be carried out after hours. We are pleased to have successfully delivered the project ahead of schedule despite this additional challenge.

Igloo Vision is a specialist in Shared VR: a technology that creates spaces where groups of users can experience VR together, without the need for headsets. As its systems integration partner, Couture Digital contributed technology to control all aspects of Microsoft’s set-up, including 360-degree projection, audio, motorised blinds, and intelligent glass and lighting.

Our programming team created a protocol to interface our automation system with Igloo Vision’s proprietary software platform.

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