Crestron Repairs and Maintenance

Maintenance plays an essential role in the overall performance of a Crestron system. A proactive approach can minimise costs in the long term while also ensuring that the system gives total satisfaction.

Couture Digital offers a comprehensive range of Crestron support, maintenance and upgrade services for residential, commercial and marine clients. From ongoing maintenance contracts to one-off callouts and emergency repairs, we are committed to excellent aftercare for our systems.

We can also take over and support systems implemented by other companies. This is something that requires deep knowledge and experience because of the sheer versatility of Crestron systems, with their multiple design, installation and programming options.

Perhaps a system you had installed by a third party has never performed as it should, or you have purchased a property with an existing Crestron system and wish to make changes to it. In cases like these, we can carry out a full technical audit and provide a status report identifying the causes of any issues. We can then propose repairs and improvements.

If you would like to explore the capabilities of a Crestron system, we can arrange a private tour of the Crestron showroom or of a completed project. Our specialist team will be able to demonstrate the Crestron control features, discuss your requirements and answer all your questions. It is a great way to experience Crestron technology up close and see how it can transform your environment and enhance your lifestyle.

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Couture Digital follows a structured approach to system aftercare and maintenance. We calculate the frequency of maintenance visits based on the size of your property, the system’s components and its age, and also the system’s programming and configuration.

After each maintenance visit, you receive a bespoke service report that details the tasks performed and the findings. When applicable, the report also includes recommendations for possible improvements to your service.

Benefits of ongoing maintenance

  • Improved system lifespan, reliability and performance.
  • Identification of potential issues before they occur.
  • Fewer reactive support visits thanks to preventative maintenance.
  • Continued calibration of, and improvements to, your system.

If you have an issue with your Crestron system and need a support visit or a second opinion, our certified support and maintenance engineers are available at short notice.

We understand how inconvenient it can be when systems do not perform as expected, and we are proud to offer both existing and new clients a rapid response, whether for residential or commercial Crestron systems. On the first visit, our engineers aim to either fix the issue or diagnose and quote for subsequent remedial work. They take care to explain everything in plain English.

Couture Digital has been successfully designing smart homes since 2005, and is therefore ideally placed to advise on and implement the latest technology and best practices to create customised experiences for our clients.

We are an authorised specialist for many leading smart home automation systems: Crestron, Lutron, Philips Dynalite, URC, RTI and more. All systems have their advantages and limitations, and their suitability depends on the desired features, user experience and capabilities. Our team will be happy to discuss which is most appropriate for your project.

Couture Digital’s qualifications

  • Crestron Elite Technology Partner
  • Authorised servicing from a manufacturer-certified dealer.
  • CEDIA member.
  • Fully qualified Crestron engineers.
  • 24/7 call-out.
  • Dedicated project manager.
  • Maintaining complex Crestron systems since 2005.
  • Experience with commercial, residential and marine systems.


Couture Digital was engaged by an existing client to upgrade the Crestron system on his newly acquired superyacht. Careful design of the guest and crew experience, together with the exploitation of Crestron’s capabilities, has enabled the creation of innovative features.

Automation allows the client to enjoy the same luxury features on his yacht as in his properties, while creating a “wow” factor for guests.

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