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Couture Digital can provide the most advanced home cinema installation in the comfort of your home. Since 2005, Couture Digital has been designing, installing and maintaining high-performance cinemas for residential and commercial clients.

Couture Digital Private Home Theatre

Couture Digital’s qualifications:

        Over 50 completed home cinema installations since 2005.

–         Accredited CEDIA member.

–         System design complying with THX, SMPTE and Dolby standards.

–         Trusted technology partner to leading industry professionals.

–         Broad experience working with property development teams.

–         Certified dealer for leading home cinema brands, including Wisdom, Steinway Lyngdorf, Barco, Kaleidescape, Datasat, Cineak, Fortress and Moovia.

From transforming shell spaces into reference-grade private theatres, to creating “disappearing” media systems for living rooms, Couture Digital custom-designs and creates cinemas for all classes of prime property.

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For any home cinema, room acoustics is one of the biggest factors affecting performance. Calculated acoustic treatment is necessary to:

  • Ensure the best performance from the home cinema audio system.
  • Soundproof against external noise.
  • Prevent sound from escaping the cinema room.

Couture Digital can design the acoustic treatment scheme, supply the acoustic materials and build or project-manage the construction of the scheme.

Home cinema equipment must be set up properly to deliver the best performance. Couture Digital evaluates room harmonics and speaker positioning to ensure that all AV equipment is correctly calibrated to its environment.

Correct room calibration avoids:

  • Uneven bass levels
  • Reduced speech clarity
  • Low dynamics
  • Poor colouration
  • Incorrect black & white levels
  • Out-of-focus content
  • Video noise

Smart lighting control helps create a truly cinematic experience. When designing an intelligent lighting system that caters specifically to the space and your requirements, Couture Digital programs different “scenes” (customised sets of actions), each of which is activated with the touch of a button. Intelligent lighting is convenient, and dramatically transforms the appearance and mood of your private home cinema installation.

At Couture Digital, smart home automation is at the core of what we do. Our expertise is evident in our integrated control philosophy and seamless user experience.

Our clients often request the integration of the latest automation technology throughout the entire cinema room, enabling all components such as shades, lighting, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) to work together automatically.

Whether they are controlled by touch, voice, event, time or occupancy, our systems are thoughtful, reliable and a pleasure to use.

With the broadest range of custom-made cinema seats in the UK, Couture Digital offers more than 50 styles of cinema seating, each customisable for every project.

From fully motorised reclining seats to horizontal daybeds, our design team and craftsmen can produce high-performance furniture to match your cutting-edge systems and high-design interiors.


As part of an extensive basement conversion also providing a gym and wine cellar, our client had decided to create a dedicated cinema room. This home cinema installation was to be the centrepiece of the space, and the client wanted it to be fun and inviting for the whole family, while also providing exceptional performance.

Couture Digital has therefore designed the cinema to adhere to Dolby, THX and Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) standards.

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1. Book a Free demonstration to see our cinema rooms through a virtual reality headset & discuss your home cinema installation.

2. Design your cinema with our team that will create your room to specific requirements.

3. Sit back and let our team build and install your cinema meticulously in your home.

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“I contacted Couture Digital to tender for the private cinema for the Bart’s Square development in St Paul’s, London. I was very happy with the service they provided and I cannot think of anything they could have done better. I would rate the overall experience as 5 out of 5 and would not hesitate to recommend them.” Graeme A.

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