Motorised Shading Solutions

Motorised shading solutions provide convenient, precise and sophisticated daylight control.

Shading systems enable curtains, blinds and so on to be controlled simply and effortlessly with the touch of a button – no matter the number, size or positioning of windows.

Convenient, precise and sophisticated daylight control.

Opt for a “romantic” scene and the sheers will close while the lights dim to 30% of full strength, music starts in the background and flames flicker in the fireplace.

At a simpler level, blinds can be programmed to automatically close whenever you turn on the TV, preventing glare on the screen and improving the viewing experience. In the bathroom, sheer blinds can be lowered automatically when you close the door, providing instant privacy.

Motorised shading can save energy by adjusting blinds or curtains automatically at sunrise and sunset to preserve heat in winter and keep the room cool in summer. The system also increases security by making a property look occupied. It can protect delicate furnishings, art and floor coverings from harmful UV rays.

Multiple Benefits

Usually integrated into a home automation system, motorised shading can be part of “room scenes” that enhance daily activities. Room scenes are customised sets of programmed actions dictating how various smart technologies behave.

Suppose you press a button activating a “cinema” scene: immediately the lights are turned off, the shades close, the projector screen comes down from the ceiling, the projector turns on and the popcorn machine activates.

Why work with Couture Digital?

Couture Digital offers best-in-class motorised shading solutions for a broad range of “window treatments”, from electric curtain tracks and skylight systems to every type of blind and shade.

We offer a wealth of different treatment styles and thousands of fabric options; we can also work with your own material. All window treatments are made to order for a perfect finish. The hardware used for automation is precision engineered and meticulously installed.

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