Support & Aftercare

Regular Maintenance

We highly recommend a proactive service, where our specialists regularly provide hardware maintenance and software updates to avoid any fails and maintain optimum performance. Support packages are tailored to your needs and the frequency of the service depends on the size of the property and the specifications of the system.

Ensuring that your smart system is reliable, secure and capable of delivering the very best performance.

Emergency Callouts

When required, we provide emergency callouts, where our engineers attend site and diagnose a problem to provide you with a helpful and fast way of repairing a system or replacing a component.

For our clients, we offer a 24 / 7 help desk with a dedicated team of specialist ready to help. For new clients, we aim to provide same-day support if the project is located in London or the next day for outside London enquiries. We have the best response time on the market for emergency support visits.

Overhaul & System Takeover

If you are encountering problems with your existing system, we have the experience to diagnose and repair a system that has not been installed by us. We can propose changes and updates to enhance your system and enable it to work as you want it to perform.

Remote Support

In our system design, we usually recommend equipment that allows remote monitoring and remote support. This means that should there be any fails within the system, we would be alerted straight away, allowing us to resolve issues before even our clients become aware of them. Remote support is highly convenient and more cost-effective than on site support.

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